Inspiring the amateur flexo label makers ever since its inception in 1997, Letra Graphix has been transforming into a label Maestro year by year and is standing tall amongst its labelling counterparts. It took years for this toil to reach an acclaimed level of performance yet being light on our clients’ pockets at the convenience of getting tailor-made labels.

Being an ISO 9001-2015 certified company Letra Graphix is operational in 30,000 sqmt / day production capacity comfortably poised amongst the top-notch flexographic label printing companies.

Our expertise in screen printing are adapted with state-of-the-art concept raising our clients’ trust on us to another level. Our labelling solutions offer end-to-end services owing to the advanced software we deploy in our system to ascertain an exemplary final product.

Letra Graphix is a pioneering Label Printing Company in India, dedicated to delivering top-quality label solutions across industries. Our skilled flexo label makers utilize cutting-edge technology to craft visually appealing and durable labels. Elevate your brand’s image with our premium label printing services, customized to meet your specific needs. Trust Letra Graphix for exceptional label solutions that make a lasting impression on your products.



We look forward to find ourselves positioned in the elite names of flexographic label printing. Though we already are one of the top label makers , we envisage to take over this place continually. Taking this fervour ahead, we want to emerge as a global leader in the arena.


Letra Graphix aims at adding value to client’s brand by making it more appealing across the market. Professional excellence in flexo label printing 
will be our tool in mapping clients’ necessity with brand making and in this endeavour, only one should remain between the unaccomplishment and Letra Graphix.

Meet Letra Graphix!

We took our first step when nobody knew what labelling is!! We crossed a milestone when our contemporaries started realizing the importance of labelling! We have built a labelling domain when our competitors started emerging! To look back at what we have established, it gives us a sense of pride and a zeal to accelerate in our performance on a continual note! It took us all these 20 years to tone up in the domain of Flexographic labels! Yes!! We are seasoned!! We are Letra Graphix !!

Our roots are deeply penetrated in India and Middle East getting us an international acclaim in the world of self-adhesive labels. We leave no stone unturned to acquire latest technologies to add value to our clients’ brands!! It’s our constant effort that kept us going great as we understand the necessity of content and its packaging with due diligence and the need to add an appealing label that escalates the brand value. Many hurdles are left behind to reach this pinnacle and we owe to each one of you for nurturing us this big with your trust and adulation!!

Letra Graphix emphasizes on Valuing each client irrespective of their size and turnover in order to create mutual trust and longevity.

We as Label Manufacturers utilize every resource ethically to create a sustainable environment that in turn facilitates our clientele in establishing their brand.

Our Team & Work Place: Being an ISO 9001- 2015 company, Letra Graphix is spread across a sprawling 5970 Sq.yards to accommodate an aspiring team of 75 dedicated professionals. We have pride in our choice of employees as they enabled us emerge as leaders in the domain under the able leadership of Mr.Nirav Shah

We take into consideration, the minute of details when it comes to our clients as we realize that delighting our clients by fulfilling their core to smallest requirements is the key to our success.

Our end products are scrutinized with rigorous quality checks in multiple layers as we want to achieve 6 sigma efficacy and are marching ahead towards our goal.

Our clients attribute our success to our work pattern which comprises of Timely audits, Follow ups at regular intervals and Feedback seeking. This has been our pattern since years and we brought in place many new variables of work patterns additionally to meet without growing business needs.

Flexographic Label Printing Company in India